Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Arrena's First Meeting

So yesterday was a big day for us - though we didn't know it when we started out. I needed to go to a store (the fantastic Pump Station), to pick up a few high priced objects (ugh) and stumbled upon a New Mommies Group(!). I decided to sit in and am very glad that I did. Mainly, I discovered that we aren't doing too poorly in our household. There are others who have had to resort to putting their child in the swing all night to get them to sleep. And others still are experiencing difficulties in feeding. I figure that, right now, I'm ahead of the game. Arrena is STILL alive (it'll be months before that stops being surprising to me) AND, though she tortures us to do it, she does manage to sleep some during the night.

Of course, she gets her best sleep while laying on Mom, having just feasted on milk. Is that the phone? No matter, Arrena can't be disturbed. Hungry? Gotta go? Well, you should have thought about that an hour before, when she first began to look hungry. The life of a baby is really pretty good. If I spent even one day of vacation sleeping until breakfast, eating, then falling asleep directly after - only to do that throughout the day - well, I'd be labeled the laziest person alive. Even on vacation, someone would have to ask, "Didn't you, at least, go outside? It was a beautiful day."

I'm looking forward to the time when my lovely daughter actually has an idea of who I am. One could argue that she knows me well enough now to know that I'm "the food". But since she often tries to get milk from her father's T-shirt, and just about anybody who picks her up, I'm not holding out much hope. I just hope the recognition happens sometime before she needs me to buy her $1,000 pair of jeans or she simply CAN'T go to school! She does manage to smile at me. I know it's gas, or unintentional, but I can imagine that it's for me, and that makes me feel great.

And did I mention that she's closing in on 4 weeks old?! So much to look forward to. Maybe we'll throw a party...................or not. After all, gotta save up for those $1,000 pair of jeans.


Anonymous angel17 from WC said...

I'm just getting the chance to catch up & look at the pictures you posted. I'm so happy that you are both doing well. Did you think people were kidding when they told you that Arrena would be in charge? No worries - she'll acknowledge you soon enough!

Take care and give her a big kiss for me!

September 02, 2005 9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it awesome to for, at least the fisrt few years of your life, have the world COMPLETELY revolve around you???


September 04, 2005 3:09 AM  

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