Saturday, January 28, 2006

Baptism by, well, Water.

I've split this post up in order to give both Christmas and Arrena's Christening, each their due. That's right, after a lovely long weekend up North for Christmas, we headed BACK up two weeks later for a family event. Arrena, and her cousin, Kayla, were christened together at the family church, and by everyone's favorite priest, Father J. Lucky for us, Arrena was gifted a lovely christening gown by her Aunt L before she was even born. So, this time we jumped on a plane, and Northern CA welcomed us once again. We flew in on Saturday and spent some quality family time, just hanging out. Arrena immediately looked around expectantly - after all, this is where she was showered with gifts not even two weeks earlier. Clearly disappointed, she settled for hugs and kisses from everyone.

Sunday arrived in a flurry. It was made worse by the fact that my darling daughter decided to wake up at 5am. Ugh. And to then hold a conversation with - who knows - at the top of her lungs. I take that back, I've heard the top of her lungs and that was no where near it. We managed to have breakfast (coffee was a must) and get dressed and arrived at the church on time. Arrena was a vision in white.

It's a special treat that Arrena and her cousin Kayla did this together. I hope it's the beginning of a special bond between them. Somehow, I think this significance was lost on Kayla.

Still, we now have some priceless memories of the girls, and for the girls when they get older. We managed to get a shot of them with their great-grandmother that we will always treasure. That's her in the jaunty hat - looking none of her nearly 92 years (am I allowed to say that??). And we can't forget to give a shout-out to Arrena's Godmother, who is the best. Even if she threatens to give my child the shopping disease she obviously has (favorite saying: Can you say Gucci, Gucci, Pucci?). This one's for you, Godmommy.


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