Friday, January 13, 2006

Tales of Christmas Past

O.K., it's been way too long. So much has happened. Arrena is now driving...............uh, no. But she did enjoy her first Christmas, partying like a Rock Star in what we like to call, The Grandparent World Tour.

We left on Friday, the truck loaded down with goodies and Arrena equipment. That means, everything we need to keep her occupied and occasionally happy. We drove 400 miles to see Poppa and Gigi and Uncle W. Of course, the girl was sufficiently charming, and managed not to cry incessantly. Mom and Dad were happy because we were loaded up with sweets to take with us. We're talking cookies, candy, chocolate - the works. Arrena let it be known that she wanted some, and I assured her that she would be getting some, albeit....uh.....indirectly. After Poppa, we went to see Grandma C, where we spent the night. On Saturday, we had a lovely breakfast with G.C., Aunt L, and mommy's friends. Then, off we go for 135 miles for the next set of Grandparents.

Granda S was first, then to Grandpa D. By the evening, we were at Godmommy's house for gumbo! O.K, We had gumbo, the girl doesn't know what she's missing, and I don't have the heart to tell her. Still, it was her first Christmas party and she seemed to enjoy herself.
In the morning, she seemed surprisingly unimpressed with the Christmas morning excitement. Oh, she enjoyed being with family and opening gifts - she just had an air about her that said, "well, of course I'm being showered with gifts - have you seen how cute I am?" Then she began tearing paper off things with the ferocity of a black bear just out of hibernation. Sadly, our plan to purge the car of bulky gifts when south when we realized that for every gift we gave out, 2 took it's place. By the time we headed back South (8 hours!!), the car literally groaned under the pressure every time we hit a speed bump or pothole. All in all, Christmas was a big success!!


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