Saturday, February 17, 2007

O.K. people, we're back!

Yes, yes, it's been a while. And frankly, all your clamoring for us to post fell upon deaf ears......and tired eyes, and busy hands. That's right, we've been busy, People! But we realize that some of you actually READ this blog, so we figured it's only right to actually...well, blog. So here goes:

Family update:
When we last left the Dorns, Robert was enjoying life in Culver City at that major studio. Well, no longer. He was stolen away from there by another studio and for a while, was making a 50 mile commute to work. Thankfully, the company has moved to the far closer Century City. He's gone from a two hour commute to a twenty minute drive. It's not as glamorous as tooling around a big movie studio, but it's a living (and a better one, at that).

Me? Big changes. My boss up and left the company in December. For a smallish fee, I bought the company and am now the boss. Aarrgghh! The boss! I have employees. Of course, I plan to tank the company within 6 mos. :-) My mom will be so proud. Until then, of course, I am swamped under a pile of paperwork. Hello?! Who knew being the boss was so much work? Anyhow, it's been rough work, but it means that I don't have to travel as much. Yay!

Arrena: Well, the biggest changes belong to her. She's had the audacity to keep growing! I mean really growing! She's now in the 98% on the height charts. Yep, big surprise, but our girl is a tall one. Who knew (um...everyone?). And now, she's actually starting to talk. She can say all kinds of words (simple words, single syllable words, but impressive all the same). She can even follow directions such as to clean up. She doesn't follow those directions, but we know she understands them, so that's more important - right? And she's a really charming girl. Greets people with a big, toothy grin........and then ignores them, like the vixen she is.

We went to the Virgin Islands for Christmas holidays (with the entire Gipson clan). It was warm, it was sunny, it was lovely. Arrena had a great time walking around, and even dipped her toes in the ocean. We swam, we walked around, we did a whole lot of nothing.......and it was GOOD!

Now we've survived the holiday that was made for my lovey girl - Valentine's Day. Arrena was lovely in her head to toe red/white/pink heart ensemble. She freely gives hugs and kisses, so this day is perfect for her. Luckily, she's not in school, yet, so she wasn't suspended for sexual harrassment. We'll have to talk with her about that, later. :-)

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