Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter rundown

I know my lovely wife was probably planning some big post-Easter blog-a-thon, but you’re stuck with me for now. Go easy on her. It’s been hard to get things done around here, what with the Banshee screaming at us through the waking hours and several of the non-waking hours. Very demanding, that little lady.

Speaking of little lady, we decided that if she can torture us – we can torture her and actually dress her up like a little lady for a change. It’s not that it’s torture. Really, she likes getting dressed up. She is well into trying to dress herself, even managing to get legs in pants and arms in shirts every once in a while. And we know she always seems to be in tomboy-ish outfits, but she is very much the girlie girl. We had to pick out a couple purses for her because she kept borrowing Mommy’s purse and putting it over her shoulder. She likes looking pretty, too, and spends way too much time in front of the mirror checking herself out. Vanity, thy name is Arrena.

The main reason she is normally in the pants is that she is an active, rambunctious little creature. When we pick her up from daycare she is always covered in dirt and usually has a few new scratches. The few times she has worn a dress to school, it is her legs that has the dirt and scratches. So the long pants are for her protection. Still, they are cute pants.

Anyway, back to Easter.

The celebration began with parties at daycare on Thursday. I don’t know what or how much they gave the kids, but Arrena certainly had her fill. I know, because when she crashed she crashed hard! A 20-month-old coming down from a sugar high is not a pretty site.

Saturday, we did the annual visit to the Easter Bunny, which Arrena still couldn’t care less about. Just as last year, she manages to had look of bare toleration. Well, at least she tolerates it. Many kids won’t even give you that. But she has this look that says, “We both know this is just for you, so let’s just get it over with.” I must say it makes me feel a tad bit guilty. Not enough to stop, but there it is.
Sunday was Easter service, complete with interpretive dance and a live donkey. Yes. A live donkey. Church has to compete with 500 channels, video games and the "internets." Next week there might be a laser show, who knows? In any event, it all got to be too much for our attention-span-challenged daughter. She survived most of it, but started to melt down towards the end so we had to duck out. Of course, she was fine for breakfast with the auntie afterwards. Hmm... Maybe it was just the donkey that got to her.
Mommy made her an Easter basket, complete with a chocolate Easter bunny. Which means, Mommy gave me a chocolate Easter bunny. Arrena doesn’t know from chocolate, has no interest in it, and just brushed it aside to get to the interesting stuff… like silly noise makers.

Well, more chocolate for me.

All in all, it was a fun-filled, exhausting weekend. Just like any weekend, except our Lord has risen. We know, because he rode in on a donkey.


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