Sunday, June 24, 2007

Next stop, the DMV

It's just a matter of time before she's asking for the keys to the car.

It'll be much longer before she actually gets the keys. For now she'll have to make do Flintstone-style, with the foot-powered car.

Ah, they grow up fast. She's like a little adult -- and not just because she's now over three feet tall. Her personality is well on the way to being fully formed. And it is scary. Yeah, it's the "terrible twos" and all that, but you can tell she is going to be a very demanding woman. She wants what she wants and rarely accepts any substitute.

But it is certainly not all doom and gloom. She is a very loving person. She "plays well with others." She's not really comfortable with the whole "waiting in line" thing, but she has no problem sharing. More encouraging is the fact that, while she has no problem bossing her parents around, she doesn't really try to force her will upon her friends at daycare or at Gymboree, even though she is bigger than many of them. So, while her future isn't all laid out for her, all the signs so far are encouraging.

I guess we have a while before we find out. I mean, it seems like they grow up fast. But, trust me, it takes years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched my own " baby " give birth to my first grandson, 11 months ago....yep my 28yr old baby is a mom herself now and let me tell you, the time does go by so fast. Cherish every second you have with your beautiful arrena.

June 26, 2007 8:40 AM  

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