Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween is Over?!

That's right. We came, we saw, we trick or treated, and we ate. And by we, I mean Arrena dressed up and did all the hard work of going door to door and looking cute. Daddy and I feel nothing about using her to get what we want: candy! Of course, this year, it wasn't as easy to steal Arrena's candy. She now knows what candy is, and frankly, she was hording.

Still, we ran into some problems. While she was happy to go to the door and use her cute wiles to get the booty. She didn't, however, understand that the goal is volume. She walked to her first house, pounded on the door and demanded candy. She then proceded to sit on the doorstep, oblivious to the 1,000 other kids jockeying to get to the door, and tried to open and eat her candy right then and there. In fact, we probably could have just taken her to two houses, if we let her sit and eat what she got right then. But it's Halloween for us, too. We need volume candy. We're going for quantity, since quality is so subjective. I need Baby Ruth bars. I do. But Robert has differing tastes. And since we really don't know (or care) about Arrena's candy preference, we needed to cover a great deal of ground in order to satisfy all (both) of our needs. So we forced her to keep walking, our own version of the Trial of Tears, from house to house - denying her from actually EATING anything. What can I say - it was fun no matter WHAT she says. And notice her outfit. She's Tinkerbell. Does she know Tinkerbell? No. But it was quick, easy, and cheap. All my favorite things. And she looked cute, so what more is there? And this outfit allowed her to show off some of her hard earned ballet moves. Check this out (but don't try it at home, you'll just look silly).

The morning of Halloween was busy, too. Arrena met up with a few of her closest friends and went to the pumpkin patch. They played, they jumped in a giant pumpkin, and they generally explored the great pumpkin patch. All in all, she had fun. And I gained 10 lbs. Not sure where the justice is in that.


Anonymous Auntie Allyson said...

Aaahhh! She looks so cute! Save some Butterfingers for me.

November 12, 2007 9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Halloween rolls around again this year ... I like Snickers! Please make a note of it.

January 31, 2008 9:21 AM  

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