Thursday, January 01, 2009

Holy Moly! We're Back!

My only useful resolution for 2009 - to resurrect this lovely blog so that all of you can satisfy your jones for all things Arrena. But alas, big changes have come to the household. Introducing:

Master Julian!Julian Mitchell joined the family on August 1st, 2008. Our trio has become a quartet - he sings bass (strangely, Arrena's Dad is a soprano - but that's another story). Since everything is still all about Arrena, I am happy to report that she actually loves her little brother. She happily shoves his binky into his mouth, bounces him in his bouncy chair until his head bounces off the seat, and just generally tries to hug and kiss him. Of course, this behavior would be better if she wasn't Typhoid Mary - spreading her daycare plagues throughout the household. But you really can't fault her - he's a cutie.

And he's generally milder than she was at this age. He actually gives away smiles for free! Just like that. You could walk up to him and say "hello" and he will likely smile at you. As opposed to Arrena, who always had a "tell your story, walking" expression when approached. Ah, good times. Julian is also monster size: born at 8lbs 13oz, and 22 1/2 inches long, he is a gentle giant. I figure he'll need that size just to survive his big sister. He'll be bigger, but she's diabolical. We can only hope they become a crime fighting duo, instead of criminal masterminds. Though now that I think of it, the latter is often more lucrative. Someone has to buy Mama a new house (every 3 years).

Arrena is now every bit of 3 years old. Scary. She's a walking, talking, little person. Sometimes we long for the days when she was just a little lump we could crate around. Back whenshe wasn't plotting her world domination WITHOUT US. Suddenly, we're just two more pawns in her game. She is potty trained - thankfully - and sleeps in a beautiful white "big girl" bed fit for a princess. She has definite opinions on important things like whether to wear the Dora panties or the Ariel (princess) panties. And being a fashionista, if you tell her something doesn't match, she'll take it off. Not that I've used that ploy to get her out of outfits I don't like. Ahem. She's growing up, that's for sure. And nothing we do seems to slow it down or speed it up. We just have to take her as she is. Good thing we love her. Here's to our mutual admiration club.

And just so you don't think little Julian is a punk, check this attitude.


Anonymous Allyson said...

'Bout time y'all introduced the boy!

January 08, 2009 11:24 PM  

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