Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dance, little girl, DANCE!

Arrena has become quite the dancer. Every Saturday morning, we sacrifice the sanctity of our bed and home and schlep as a family to ballet class. Mind you, this is ballet for 3-4.5 year olds, so it's less "First Position" and more "First....focus!" They "dance" around, acting like butterflies or princesses and generally having a ball. And it's so much fun to watch. All of them in their tutus, looking like little angels (even if we know better).

Today, Arrena had a chance to try out a new class. After ballet, there was an open class called Broadway Babies. In this class, the girls do a combination of things. They still do some ballet moves, but they also do tap (anyone have size 11(!) tap shoes?). But now there's an even crazier element; they sing. No, singing well is not required - it seems volume is more important than actual tonal integrity. Good thing, but it doesn't seem likely that Arrena inherited the singing gene (that seems to exist on Daddy's side of the family, but certainly doesn't exist in mine). I watched her try the class, with two of her ballet buddies, and it was energetic and fun. My hope is that, since it starts 15mins after ballet ends, that if I put her in both classes, I just might tire her little butt out enough that she'll take an actual nap on Saturdays. That's my hope. My wish. My fervent prayer.

If this doesn't work, she'll be the youngest kid to train for a marathon in history.

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