Friday, April 17, 2009

How Time Flies!

Yes, things are humming along in the household. The boy king has become adept at ruling. He has mastered the art of sitting up and enjoys a meal that would make Henry VIII envious. Julian is now a formidable presence in the family.

He started daycare in January. While it was a shaky start at first ("are you aware that they do not hold me every second of the day?!"), he has adjusted and enjoys his stays with "Teacher". However, if she is late or slow with the vittles, he definitely lets her know about it. They say that if you have a spirited child (the nice name for it) first, the next child will be the polar opposite. I lived by that idea. But it's all a vicious lie to keep suckers like up having children. Julian is no more laid back than Arrena is shy and demure. He is, however, quick to smile and laugh, and that goes a long way. Check him out.

The girl is doing very well, too. She is 3yr 8mos old and they say children become human between the ages of 4 and 5, so we have another year to survive. :-) She is smart as a whip, and dramatic enough for soap operas. Don't give her the wrong spoon for her cereal unless you want a Shakespearean soliloquy on the unfairness of life. Really, it's that dramatic. People ask us why we don't put her in commercials, etc. Well, because WE know her. She doesn't like to be told what to do, is headstrong, and walks to the beat of her own drummer. None of these are traits that Hollywood finds endearing in their talent.
I will say that the girl displayed her brains well enough to be accepted into two really good preschools. We've picked the one and have actually enrolled her to start school in September. She's very excited to start at the "New School". In fact, our brilliant girl is already reading. Not just repeating stories, but actually sounding out words and learning to spell them. We couldn't be prouder if we had actually taught her this ourselves (thanks, Teacher!). Actually, we like to play a lot or word games with her, so we'd like to believe that this fostered her talent.

And she's an Amazon. No doubt. She stands about 3'4" or so, now. Pants that are long enough literally fall off her hips. Hips that she enjoys shaking in her tap class (my stomach already hurts over that one). She's about two shakes away from being sent to a nunnery, so you might see a title change (Arrena's Cloistered World?). Anyhoo, here's a picture of our girl at Easter.

and to prove that she and her brother really do get along, here are a couple of pics.

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