Wednesday, February 15, 2006

....but I REALLY want to DIRECT!

Yes, our girl is destined to be a star. Mainly because she's bossy and a Diva. Not really. But because she knows how to work a crowd. We took Arrena to the Sundance Film Festival. Despite the amazing cold (nights were around 14 degrees, the days a whopping 20+), our girl seemed to take it all in stride. She even made it to a few parties. When we went to the party for the Writers Guild of America, it was SHE, not us, who made immediate friends with author Walter Mosely! (He eventually said hello to us, too, but we knew who was most interesting). She helped greet stars at my event - the Actors Only Brunch. SAG President Alan Rosenberg was duly impressed at how poised she was. Even more amazing, during the crowded and noisy event that welcomed stars like Toni Collette, Tim Hutton, Diane Ladd and Amber and Russ Tamblyn, my girl was so nonchalant about the event that she took a nap in the middle of it. Of course, being on Daddy made it easy.

She was actually on Daddy a lot, since he was able to put her in the bjorn and zip her up within his jacket (mom was too cute but more svelte in her jacket). During the day, we took her everywhere and she loved looking at the crowded streets. And we rarely walked more than a few feet without someone mentioning just how cute and cozy she looked. She even deigned to smile at a few people - but only the most beautiful ones - she has standards. Still, I know my girl is great in movies, rarely makes a peep, but we decided not to panic already stressed filmmakers by taking her to their screenings. So in the evening, mommy or daddy stayed home with her, while the other saw a movie. She did, however, get her picture in front of the famous Egyptian Theater.

Movies weren't the only excitement of the week, though. Arrena also started eating FOOD! Yep. A little rice cereal, some fruit and veggies, and it was on. She seemed surprised at first at this new sensation, but soon realized how sweet it was! Now, she's an eating champion, though she's no less messy.

Last, she had her first feel of snow. While she didn't cry at the cold of having her hand dipped in it, she didn't seem excited to have that repeated. But she did enjoy the briskness of the air and the spectacular views. I think she makes the view look that much lovelier. But maybe I'm biased.