Sunday, March 26, 2006

Arrena Sleeps Around!

Hey, get your head out of the gutter! That's my daughter you're snickering about.

But it's true. The girl can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Imagine, you take your child to the high fallutin' Sundance Film Festival. You surround her with BIG stars like Diane Ladd, etc. What does she do? She falls asleep. Impressed by celebrity - not at all. In fact, I think it might be because she doesn't really consider anyone else to be as big a star as she is. I could swear I caught her rolling her eyes at various actors when she thought I wasn't looking. Of course, there aren't many places more comfortable than sleeping on Daddy.

Next, we went to Austin, Texas to the SXSW film festival. Here, we spent our time at the exhibitor's booth during the day, and basically slept all night at the hotel - alas, no movies. However, Mommy hosted a party and Arrena came along. Of course, she had an opinion on how the party was going. Later, she was up and ordering Tequila shots, but I intervened just in time (she drank me under the table).

But to be fair, she doesn't just fall asleep when it's embarrassing. She occasionally falls asleep at home as well. We recently bought her a Pack N Play. We thought she'd sleep in it while we were in Texas. Uh, no. But she DID fall asleep in it ONCE, and it just so happens I caught it. Little did I know I was creating a historical document as it has never been seen again. Still, it was a cute picture, as she literally just tipped over and fell asleep. Good thing her doggy was there to cushion the fall.

The great thing about the picture is that is shows off her "I'm a big girl now" pierced ears! She's growing up so quickly. In fact, she's got one tooth and is cutting another! Soon she'll be eating steak (when she's visiting her Godmother). Not only is her smile showing teeth - note: there's no picture because she rarely smiles for the camera - but she's seriously contemplating crawling. She usually sees what she wants and scoots.......backwards. When she looks up again, she's shocked and frustrated to find that she's actually further away than she was before. It probably doesn't help that I usually laugh at her when this happens. However, in the past few days, she's figured out the key to getting her knees under her, and has taken a few "steps" forward. It's amazing to watch as she learns things right in front of you. Her world is so full of discovery that you can't help but be awestruck right along with her. And just to prove that she's still a happy girl, despite teething, here's our girl on a happy Saturday afternoon, just lounging on Daddy.