Monday, September 04, 2006

A Tale of Four Birthdays

Yes, we've finally got past Arrena's birthday month - yes, month. Diva that she is, she insisted on celebrating for the entire month. And she required no less than 4 parties!!! O.K., the first two she had very little to do with, but the last two.......well, she was all about those.

First two parties - these both happened on the same day, two days AFTER her birthday. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why she's got such attitude. She had to wait a few days before the celebrations began. That's what she gets for having a birthday on a Monday, after her mommy has been out of town for several days. If she's got something to say about it - she should tell a shrink (where all my bad mommy stories will come to light). SO, first party was with her friends that hang out at the park on Wednesdays. There's about 15 mommies and babies that come to the park to play and talk. The kids are great, they hang out together and play, while pretty much ignoring each other. That same response will get them beat up in Jr. High, but it's cool now. Arrena shared her party with 3 boys: Charlie, who shares her birthday AND was born at the same hospital, Nathan and Zachary, who are August boys. Being the only girl, you would think she held court - but again, mom ruined it. I had to take her to daycare before we even cut the cake.

However, I was soon forgiven, as party #2 took place a little later at daycare. This time, I brought in a cake and Arrena's teacher put up balloons and decorations. I'm not sure that Arrena knew what was happening, but she seemed to start enjoying everyone singing to her. She even posed sweetly while all her classmates were brought in and out to have pictures taken with her. She sat like the queen she is.

Party #3 was really special. The next weekend we headed to Sacramento for my family reunion (no comments on what I mean by "special"). We saw relatives we've avoided - I mean, haven't seen, in many years. And Arrena got a chance to be exposed to these people. They, for their part, loved meeting the baby named after their mother and grandmother - yeah, she got an automatic pass for that. And on Saturday, her Grandmother S, Godmother S, and GrandGodmother D came in to wish the girl a happy birthday. She had a cake and some ice cream. Grandmother C wasn't there as, sadly, she came down with a terrible illness. She's still sick and can't properly wish the girl a happy birthday. But Uncle M and Auntie A were there and a great time was had by all. Look at these happy faces.

Party #4 - the actual party of friends and family. We invited about 30+ of our closest friends to give the girl birthday wishes. Miss M was nice enough for loan out her backyard and balloons, etc. were set up. The day turned out perfect, not too hot. Everyone came for food, drink, and lots of cake, ice cream, and rootbeer floats (daddy's great idea). Arrena was just starting to walk and refused to show off her new skills as they weren't perfected yet. Instead, she insisted on using her "Queen for the Day" status to be carried around everywhere. Still, a good time was definitely had by all. Here are some of her closest grown-up friends. And here is the girl, on her special blanket, enjoying herself (notice: she's playing with her special birthday gift from her parents).